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Gentle Birthing Using Hypnosis
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Hypno4Birth - Natural Childbirth Using Hypnosis

What can I expect during this training?

Our goal in teaching any type of natural childbirth is to make the birth as comfortable as possible. How do we do that? We eliminate the fear of what COULD happen.


Everyone knows what could happen during a delivery. If you don't, your friends will tell you...in graphic detail.

And this is a great deal of the problem. Those stories that you hear from other women are a powerful negative influence over your emotions and your expectations for childbirth.

Fortunately, we can work with your subconscious mind to clear the emotional impact of those negative influences. This helps to let go of the fear of childbirth, whether conscious or subconscious.

When the fear is gone, you can relax and enjoy the experience of bringing your baby into this world. Then you can truly relax your body and allow it to birth your baby in the natural way that it was designed to do. And it will work more naturally with fewer problems.

The other part of what you will learn and practice is how to take yourself into a deep, relaxed self-hypnotic state. And from there you can learn to let go of the discomfort associated with the contractions necessary to push your baby out into the world. This is done by using the natural anesthesia that can be created by your powerful subconscious mind.

This part of the program requires that you practice your training every day to make it become natural and automatic. Then, when your contractions start, your training and practice allows your uterus to work most efficiently because the rest of your body will be deeply relaxed.

What can I expect the hypnosis sessions to feel like?

Actually, hypnosis is not what you expect it to be. Everyone has a slightly different expectation of what hypnosis will feel like, and almost everyone is surprised that it wasn't what they expected. Hypnosis is actually a natural human state. We all experience hypnosis several times a day when we focus our attention on something. So when it is induced by a hypnotist, it doesn't feel like anything special.

Most of the time I hypnotize people using a relaxation type of induction. So as you relax into hypnosis, you are mostly... relaxing. And because I link the two together, the more relaxed you get, the deeper into hypnosis you go. I have had several people tell me, "That is the most relaxed I have ever been." The bottom line for most people is that it feels really good.

Going into hypnosis, deeply, is a learning process. As you learn to experience it more, your mind learns to do more with it. During the first session, I usually teach the person how to get into hypnosis by their own suggestion. And self-hypnosis is another learning experience. That is why you must practice every day to be able to be really successful with hypnosis assisted childbirth. And when you do, the experience will be amazing.

Alert Trance

As you get more practiced with hypnosis and self-hypnosis, we will start working with Alert Trance. In this phase of hypnosis you control how alert you are to your surroundings and your interactions with the people around you. Everyone is different in their ability to use hypnosis, and my goal is to give you as many options as possible. As we explore these options, we will find out what works best for you and your baby.

Bring a friend

I encourage you to bring your husband or a friend with you to your classes. Someone who will be with you during your birthing process and can help you with your relaxation and focusing techniques. Part of each class is focused on helping him/her feel comfortable with what we are doing. I will also be teaching him/her techniques (with scripts) that will assist you with your focusing and relaxation. His/her encouragement and soothing words can make a big difference during the birthing process. (As commented on in birth stories here and here.)

How many sessions? How long? How much? And when do I start?

It typically requires three to five sessions to go through the whole program. Each session is about 2 to 2.5 hours, and a week or two between sessions. It is best to start at about the begining of your seventh month. That gives us time to learn the techniques and still have time to practice enough to become automatic with them. I charge $200 for the program - check, cash, or credit card.

Now, if you are reading this and are in your eighth or ninth month, we can still make a difference in your birth, you just won't be as practiced at the techniques. So call me and we can talk about it to determine if we have enough time to start (and finish) the program, or if we need to do a shortened version.

Don Reno
Jenks Hypnosis and Training Center, LLC
(918) 298-6884

email: don@hypno4birth.com

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